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Spain  is a country mostly located in Europe. Its continental European territory is situated on the Iberian Peninsula.

The African enclaves of Ceuta, Melilla, and Peñón de Vélez de la Gomera make Spain the only European country to have a physical border with an African country (Morocco). Several small islands in the Alboran Sea are also part of Spanish territory.

Some of the Cities in Spain include; – Madrid – The Capital and the largest city in Spain , Barcelona , Valencia, Villarreal and lots more.

Spain has a very good economy which makes the nation have many companies that create Jobs opportunities to  the public.

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Information On Production Jobs in Spain 


  • Ability to recognize problems in the operation process or with components and to highlight/communicate those problems to Team Leader.
  • Ability to learn established quality and quantity requirements.
  • Ability to manually assemble components and produce high quality products in defined time periods.
  • Develop in production areas for automotive customers


  • Experience in production activities: staging and production batches
  • Experience in automotive and chemical environment will be appreciated
  • Willingness to work in team Structured and well organized
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