Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions On Worldwide Jobs 

  1. Question: Are these jobs listing a scam or joke?

Answer: The entire job posting, posted on are legit and should not be referred to as scam or jokes. Every job posting by Jobs Lance are confirmed recruitment from companies around the world.


  1. Question: Do I need to make a payment to apply for any Job I want?

Answer: The entire job listed on does not involve any payment. Jobs Lance will never ask you to make any payment to apply for any Job that is posted here.


  1. Question: I clicked on the “Apply Now Link” and another tab instantly opened, why?

Answer: After clicking on the “Apply Now Tab” on any job posting on, a new tab will be opened, kindly follow and fill out the instructions and form in the new tab because that is the recruitment portal of the company providing the Job that you are applying for.


  1. Question: Are you guys selling Visa?

Answers: Jobs Lance DO NOT sell Visa and or Flight tickets and will never ask you for you to make payments for Visa and other international documents that you may need.


  1. Question: I applied for a Job, why was I not selected or called for Interview?

Answer: The internet is really a big Place and information can be easily shared and transferred from one user to another, some jobs opportunity may need just 1000 workers, and over 50,000 workers would apply for the job, in this kind of situation, you can only be called if you are fast to apply and be among at least the first 2000 candidates to apply for the job and posses the required requirements for the job.


  1. Question: How can I apply for Jobs and maximize my chance of being selected for the job?

Answer: For you to maximize your chance of getting employed, you need to check our portal every day to be sure of being among the first set of people to apply for the Job, and also like our Facebook page as we always update our Facebook page with New Job Posting.

  1. Question: Can you help me and Apply for the Job Placement?

Answer: Unfortunately, Jobs Lance does not apply for jobs for any of her audience. You need to apply for the Job by yourself.

  1. Question: Can I submit my CV or RESUME directly to Jobs Lance for the Employment?

Answer: Jobs Lance does not accept RESUME AND CV from her audience. You need to apply through the Apply Link and Follow the instruction that follows.

  1. Question: Does involved with the employment process?

Answer: Jobs Lance is not involved directly in any job or employment process. Jobs Lance provides a platform for employers to meet employees. Jobs Lance provides a direct link to a company that is recruiting to job seekers and allows the Job seekers to apply for their dream Jobs.

  1. Question: Can I make some payment to facilitate my employment Process?

Answer: BEWARE OF SCAMMERS!!! Jobs Lance will never ask you to make a payment to facilitate your employment.

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